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Who are we?

A local travel agency in Normandy

Expertise and experience …



Established in 1995, Albion Voyages is specialized in airport transfers and private tours to and from Normandy and Brittany.


Adrienne Sion, from Bethesda MD, leads Albion with her husband Edouard. The company is managed with a multicultural philosophy involving the French expertise in logistics and the American hospitality.


With the help of her impassioned team, Adrienne will guide you and offer you an authentic and qualitative experience.

Our team

  • Edouard & Adrienne

    Owners & directors

  • Marine

    Executive Assistant

  • France

    Sales Manager

  • Sandra

    Assistant Sales Manager

  • Lucie

    Sales & Logistics Coordinator

  • Lauriane

    Travel designer

  • Marthe

    Travel designer

  • Jordan

    Guides' Manager

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