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Etretat & Fécamp

Etretat & Fécamp

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Etretat has been a fishing harbor since the Roman occupation. For almost 2000 years local fishermen have used capstans to pull their boats up unto the peebles.


The painter Eugène Isabey first discovered the village and the cliffs in 1820 and other artists such as Turner, Monet our Boudin followed to capture the amazing colours of the surrounding cliffs.


Like Deauville or Trouville, Etratat became in the middle of the XIX century a very famous and trendy seaside resort. It has since then attracted artists such as Maupassant, Offenbach, Delacroix, or Henri Matisse.


By the end of the XIX century and the beginning of XX century, Etretat became even more famous, thanks to Maurice Leblanc and his novel “Arsène Lupin”.


Fécamp is a Cod Fisher Harbor north of Etretat. From the XVI Century to the beginning of the XX century men were sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to the rich waters of newfoundland and were coming back after months of fishing with boatloads of cod.


You will enjoy Fécamp’s way of life, totally dedicated to the sea, from its museums, its souvenir shops and its gastronomy.


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