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Rouen was founded by the Romans, on the right bank of the Seine, is one of the oldest cities in France. It then became the capital of Normandy in 911 and a powerful trade city in the middle ages. Rouen is a city where you will find different architectural styles, from the Vikings period to the Reconstruction years after WWII.

This impressive cathedrale is one of the most famous Gothic churches in the world. Located in the historic center, the Cathedral of Rouen is the witness of nearly 10 centuries of architectural evolution.

You will also discover the story of Joan of Arc, an important figure in French history. Follow her footsteps through the small paved streets of Rouen where she was executed.

Take a walk from the “ Gros Horloge” (a 14th century astronomical clock) through the Parliament of Normandy to the Cathedral Notre Dame de Rouen.


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